Superb Tips For Fishing At Thompson’s Beach

The search is on for somewhere close to home to go fishing, a place that is an easy drive without having to battle the sometimes bumper to bumper traffic that is often the case if your heading to the Gold or Sunshine Coast. The Redland’s district and Victoria Point east of Brisbane with the Moreton … Continue reading Superb Tips For Fishing At Thompson’s Beach

Newsletter #2 – May 2020

          News Letter #2 - May 2020  Inside This Issue Blog Site Update - New Categories Finding a Road Trip or a Day Adventure is now so much easier Corona Virus Restrictions What's New at ROAD TRIP'N - Seven Days in Auckland, New Zealand Fun Day Trip Within 150kms of Brisbane … Continue reading Newsletter #2 – May 2020

It Hit Me Like A Ton of Bricks

!!!!! In Australia Covid-19 as severely impacted on many outdoor activities, visiting attractions, cafes, friends and relatives. We have all been asked to self-isolate as well as practice high hygiene levels in order to restrict this virus from spreading. Many places, cafes, restaurants etc, are closed and public transport very limited. I would advise that … Continue reading It Hit Me Like A Ton of Bricks