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This is a place for those adventurers that pursue dreams of discovering new places and exploring unique “Aussie” road trip’s and day excursions. You’ll discover journeys that embrace destinations that are not on every tourist’s map, unearthing new places that will leave you amazed all these outings are easily accessible in my own back yard – Brisbane and South East Queensland, Australia.

At  ROAD TRIP’N  we have a passion for exploring both far and near giving you a unique Locals perspective in planning your own escapade.

Travelling with the family and also solo, I have toured numerous destinations by 4WD & camper trailer, pitched a tent and stayed at some absolutely spectacular locations.  We’ll travel by car, bus, train and walk with most of our port-of-calls easy to access requiring no off-road or 4WD vehicle.

My Blogs will take you on a journey of discovery and fun. All the  information you need is here, including Tips and Links so you can plan your own adventure and unearth countless secret places of your own.

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Click on ROAD TRIP’N Blogs/Categories, put on your walking shoes, our travels will take us to some brilliant locations 👀

👉 See Brisbane

👉 Art Galleries, Museums, Historical Village, Secret Fishing Spots

👉 Stunning Beaches, Motor Shows and Local Tourist Attractions

👉 Botanical Gardens, Parks and Picnic Grounds, Flower Shows

👉 Cafes, Pubs, Scenic Lookouts and a whole lot more.

A day, a week, a month or longer, if you are a local or a visitor and have a desire to get “On the Road” or just want to plan a day out, buckle up for the ride get that road trip coffee and join me on ROAD TRIP’N.


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