Adventurous Free Spirit: Creator of my Blog site – ROAD TRIP'N – sharing my passion for Travel, Art, and Road Trip Adventures exploring Brisbane, South East Queensland and Australia.


Welcome to my Blog – ROAD TRIP’N. This is a place for those adventurers that pursue dreams of discovering new places and exploring unique “Aussie” road trip’s and day excursions. You’ll discover journeys that embrace destinations that are not on every tourist’s map, unearthing new places that will leave you amazed all these mystery tours are easily accessible in my own backyard.

My passion is Road /Day Trips, travelling around Brisbane, South East Queensland and Australia giving you a unique local “Aussie” perspective in planning your own escapade.

I have toured numerous destinations by 4WD & camper trailer, pitched a tent and stayed at some absolutely spectacular locations.  We’ll travel by car, bus, train and walk with most of our port-of-calls easy to access requiring no off-road or 4WD vehicle.

It’s just so easy to plan your next odyssey. Click on ROAD TRIP’N – Recent Posts for all the latest and greatest exploits, or hit the drop down Categories menu and plan your adventure. All the  information you need is here, including many Tips and Links.

A day trip, a week or longer, if you are a local or a visitor and have a passion to travel or just want to plan a day out, join me on ROAD TRIP’N, Your Adventure Starts Here. You can also follow ROAD TRIP’N on Face Book and Pinterest. Want more information on any of the Blogs that you like, email via the Contact Page or message me on Face Book.

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