UPDATE 👀📣🚭🚯- November 2019. Daisy Hill Conservation Park & Koala Centre

I have had a lot of hits and several enquiries asking for information when visiting the Daisy Hill Conservation Park & Koala Centre. Some details have been updated from my previous Blog and a video added. 🔥Tip: As of writing this blog, November 2019, much of QLD including the Daisy Hill Forest is experiencing severe... Continue Reading →

The Secrets of a Sunshine Coast Getaway – Marcoola Beach ☀🎣🏄‍♀️🚴‍♀️

 It might not be on everyone’s beach holiday destination, but Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is well worth a visit. The Sunshine Coast literally has countless beaches as it stretches from Caloundra to The Great Sandy Straights.  Do you enjoy a beach holiday where you can just park the car and leave it parked for the duration,... Continue Reading →

Ideas for an Excellent Day Trip. We Visit Queens Park Ipswich & the Queens Park Café 🧁🍳🍔☕🍦

A day out was planned and there is nothing like a good coffee and hearty breakfast to kick off the day. ROAD TRIP’N has been there before so it was timely with the Queensland school holidays in full swing that we revisit one of my favourite spots, Queens Park, Ipswich and the Queens Park café.... Continue Reading →

Why We Love the Mary Valley Rattler and You Should To❤❤💖

It’s back on track and ROAD TRIP'N has boarded one of Queensland’s most quintessential rail journeys, the Mary Valley Rattler as we chug our way through some of the Sunshine Coast hinterland’s most picturesque countryside. Through 46 kms of the scenic Mary Valley dotted with iconic rural towns and villages, this is an ideal destination... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Road Trip – 3 States – Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria

This is one epic road trip. Twelve months in the planning and now everything is organized. Soon we’ll be Go! Go! Go! exploring and immersing ourselves as the locals do in the Attractions, History, Arts, Culture, Outback Pubs, Local Food Scene and just the sheer vastness of this great country, Australia. The Itenary - Must... Continue Reading →

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