Brisbane to Bribie Island

Southeast Queensland, Australia, is home to 4 of the largest sand islands in the world, Fraser island, Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island and Bribie Island. Being so close to Brisbane (the capital of Queensland), Bribie Island, the 3rd largest of this group is one of the most popular with local Brisbanites. Also, being connected to the mainland by a bridge and so easy to access, requires no vehicular ferries to drive to this sub-tropical wonderland.

Bribie Island is a recreational paradise and the gateway to the beautiful Moreton Bay region. Situated north of Brisbane it’s a perfect place for a holiday, weekend away or Day Trip. If you are staying longer, there’s various accommodation options available, caravan parks, motels and camping (beach camping is available – permit required), making Bribie Island a destination with everything you need for a memorable time away.

Bribie Island National Park & Recreational Area

With numerous National Parks, surf beaches that allow 4WD’ing (permit required), protected calmer waters and an abundance of fantastic fishing spots all ready for a family day of exploration. There’s also a huge choice of café’s, restaurants, and pubs available when it comes to feeding the hunger pangs. If you’re working to a cheaper day out, bring along your own sustenance and BBQ or picnic in any one of the several waterside parks with some of the most sensational views of Moreton Bay and Pumistone Passage.

Museum to Woorim

A little preparation and research before going on a road trip can make or break your fun day out. If you’re looking at What To Do on Bribie Island a stop by the Bribie Island Visitor Information Centre (click here) is well worth a visit. The Centre is well stocked with pamphlets and maps and the local volunteers have heaps of information to help you get the best of a Bribie day.

Take some time to have a look at the Island attractions – where they are, what times they open, are their costs for entry (senior discounts could apply), organize beach driving & camping permits if you intend to explore the island in a 4WD. After all, if you have limited time, you don’t want to spend the best part your day wondering where everything is and working out how to get there.

Crossing Bribie Bridge

On a sensational Queensland blue-sky day, with an early start to beat any peak hour traffic, we are travelling by car north of Brisbane via the M1 freeway to explore beautiful Bribie Island. Beautiful Parks and gardens, Island history, cafes and to complete what will be a perfect day, a pub lunch at one of the local watering holes. 🔥Tip: Cruising the highway, dotted along the way, there are numerous Roadhouse rest stops where you can top up with fuel, grab a coffee and some snacks.

Along our way, tucked in amongst the plane hangars next to the Caboolture Airfield, we came across the Caboolture Warplane & Flight Heritage Museum. 🔥Tip: If it’s open, out the front of the Museum, grab yourself one of the nicest coffees from the small coffee kiosk.

The Warplane museum is well worth a stop, not only will you see a huge range of aviation memorabilia, model aircraft, engine displays and uniforms from Australia’s armed conflicts, but you’ll also have a chance to learn about the history of aviation over the years.

One of the highlights is being able to get up close to the Iroquois (Huey) helicopter and an F111 Crew Escape module.  The volunteer staff are also extremely well informed about all the displays and are more than happy to give you their expert knowledge on all thing’s aviation. 🔥Tip: There is an entry fee to this museum as well as the opportunity to organize a fully guided tour and book Warplane Adventure Flights. Click on the link for extra information: Caboolture Warplane & Flight Heritage Museum

Bribie Island Seaside Museum

Onto Bribie Island. After passing over Bribie Bridge, if you haven’t already this is great time to drop into the Visitor Information Centre, we track along Welsby Parade hugging the shoreline of the Pumistone Passage arriving at the Bribie Island Seaside Museum.

Local Artist

Located close to the waterfront with plenty of free parking and disabled access, this Museum lays out an interesting and captivating history of Bribie Island.

You can easy spend an hour meandering through the exhibits and interactive displays learning about the Islands quirky history from first settlement, the World War 2 Bunkers at Fort Bribie built in the defence of SE Queensland, and an impressive collection of preserved fish from the surrounding waters dating back to 1905.

Brennan Park Bongaree. BBQ’s, Picnics, Playground, Seaside Walks, Swimming

Opposite the Museum, pretty as a picture is beautiful Brennan Park. This is a lovely place with an incredible vista to get together with family and friends to have a picnic or BBQ. Undercover shelters and electric BBQs are scattered throughout the area or just throw down the picnic blanket under one of the many shady trees. For those that don’t want to BBQ there’s restaurants, ice crème shop and take-away fish and chips nearby.

Away from the hustle and bustle, the family can take a swim or just enjoy a scenic walk along the shores of Pumistone Passage with a new playground guaranteed to keep the younger family members entertained for hours.

Bongaree Jetty & Parklands

Another part of the Park worthwhile investigating is Bongaree Jetty. Set amongst the parklands and sealed walkways of Brennan Park, it’s only a short walk from the museum. Bongaree Jetty offers another choice to do some more sightseeing, fishing, swimming or just relaxing while the kids explore the jetty or just play in the sand. 🔥Tip: Food & Drink; Café’, Toilets, Takeaways & Shops are within an easy walking distance.

Whether walking, cycling or driving, Bribie Island is a very easy place to get around. Possessing both long stretches of sandy surf shorelines and calm protected coastline, Bribie offers the best of both worlds for the beach loving family.  If you are looking for a place to surf, swim, picnic, fish, bush & beach camping, beach 4 Wheel Driving (4WD) or browse some of the local shops, Woorim is our next must visit locale.

Woorim Surf Beach

Woorim has a beautiful sandy surf beach that runs along the eastern side of Bribie island. Patrolled by the Bribie Island Surf Lifesaving Club, the surf here is usually ideal for the kids as it receives some protection from Moreton Bay, and Moreton island which you can see from Woorim Beach.

Beach 4WDriving at Low Tide – Bribie Island National Park & Recreation Area (click for extra information)

Bribie Island is one of the few locations close to Brisbane that allow legal beach driving. Setting out on this 4WD adventure along the Eastern beach will take you from South to North. The entrance track north of Woorim starts with a dirt track before it becomes a sandy trail that leads onto the beach.

Set out on this 4WD adventure, along the way exploring cool creeks, take a break beside one of several tannin-stained freshwater lagoons, or stop and cast a line from the beach. At the northern end of the drive, have a look at the WW2 structures of Fort Bribie once used to defend QLD’s coastline.

🔥Tip: 🚙4WD vehicle required 🚙Vehicle access permit required 🚙Camping permit required 🚙Obey all speed limits 🚙Two-wheel-drive (2WD) vehicles are prohibited from obtaining a vehicle access permit

Relaxing with lunch with a cold beer at the Blue Pacific Hotel. With indoor or outdoor seating options, there’s plenty of time to discuss our Island adventure and check out some fishing spots on our next road trip.

Doesn’t it make a road trip exhilarating when you discover something just a little out of the way, maybe something from a by-gone era. 👀 Just behind the Hotel we discovered this strip shopping centre. Takeaway food shops, cafe’s and plenty of browsing in the boutiques and local “Op” shops.

Shopping mightn’t be your excitement for the day, the younger family members might want to stretch their legs, next to the shopping strip is Tintookie Park. Located off the main road with plenty of parking in the nearby streets and parking area. What an excellent place to have a picnic, grab some takeaways from the Cafes, throw down the picnic rug amongst the shady trees and take advantage of all the facilities of this very kid friendly park.

This has been a full day of excitement and adventure (nearly requiring an over-night stay). The Caboolture Warplane & Flight Heritage Museum & Bribie Island are top-notch places to visit. With great facilities and located so close to Brisbane, you’ll need to look no further for your War Plane fix or Island exploits.

If you are looking for an Island escape, you could be enjoying your day in just over an hour’s drive from Brisbane. The many National Parks, waterside parks and playgrounds, surf beaches, walking and cycling trails, superb fishing locations, and a huge range of accommodation options makes Bribie Island a place that has everything that you need for an exciting (or relaxing) day trip or holiday.

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