Who put tons of fun into going on a day trip, FUNderwood Hollow does. I often go in search of road trips discovering the best locations offering total entertainment not only for kids but for the whole family. One of the best things that I love, a lot of what I discover is mainly Free. What I often turn up are closely guarded “Secret Locations”, very popular with the locals and those in the know, but not as well known to others.

👀 Look at what I have uncovered. One of the Logan City’s premier “family friendly” entertainment precincts, an astounding open space called Underwood Park. The high point of our visit (as far as the kids are concerned) is FUNderwood Hollow, a themed children’s playground and right next door an off leash Doggy Park so our canine friends can also enjoy this family day out.

Twenty-four kilometres south of Brisbane, situated in the suburb of Priestdale, Underwood Park and FUNderwood Hollow are still very close to civilization, but far enough away to be free from all the hustle and bustle of city living. When you visit Underwood Park, you get a feeling of freedom and excitement, something new around every corner, it’s easy to forget that you are still close to the city.

Underwood Park

Underwood Park is an expansive spacious park with plenty of green open spaces, play areas and themed Playgrounds for the whole family. It has recently been upgraded and is now a very popular precinct featuring BBQ’s & Sheltered Picnic Areas, Walks, Gardens, Sporting Clubs, Lagoons & Duck Ponds. It wouldn’t be a bad idea when you arrive to take a drive through just to get a lay out of the land, keeping in mind that I was there mid-week and being the home of many sporting clubs and facilities you could expect it to be a lot busier on weekends.

Are we there yet!!! Yes, We’ve reached our destination. The huge double gates announce our arrival as we enter the Park environs for a family day of fun and intrigue.

If you’ve brought your BMX bikes along try out your skills on the BMX track or take a leisurely stroll around the Lagoon and check out the wildlife that inhabit this aquatic wonderland. If you like sports you can enjoy Netball games, Junior Rugby League and this is also the home ground and Clubhouse of the Rochedale Rovers Soccer Club.

It is refreshing to see the huge amount of car parking spaces and toilet facilities that are available and easily accessible from the sealed ring road that traverses this recreational parkland. 🔥 Tip: Disabled Parking and Toilets are also available.

Rain Event @ FUNderwood Hollow

🔥 Tip: For those that aren’t familiar with South-East Queensland March 2022, we had record rains and severe flooding in the area. After being confined to home for several days because of the weather, there was an opportunity to break free from all the gloom. It was during a lull in the downpour that I visited Underwood Park & FUNderwood Hollow. Because of this “Rain Bomb” event and having the place almost to myself, there was a huge amount of water around, I was able to shoot some extra ordinary pictures of water cascading along normally dry creek beds, past secluded BBQ & Picnic spots and then flowing through the park. Under normal circumstances FUNderwood Hollow and Underwood Park are flood free areas.

What distinguishes FUNderwood Hollow from a lot of other play areas is there are 3 different playgrounds to choose from. What a decision to make, which one first. I can tell you the kids will make that decision for you very quickly.

🔥 Tip: Parking the car in the areas next to the ring road can be a bit of a challenge on a busy day but don’t stress. Take the road between the Rugby League Fields and FUNderwood Hollow, here there’s plenty of spaces and it will also give you easy access to the Playgrounds, BBQ’s & Shelters, Toilets and Dog off leash areas.

FUNderwood Hollow

The Funderwood Hollow Spielart Adventure Playground is the one that attracts the most attention an everyone gravitates to. While most playgrounds usually cater for the younger ones, this fantasy styled adventure playground, not only does it look sensational but offers something a little different for older kids as well (5–16-year old’s). It’s a place where your imagination can run free while the designs, shapes and colours connect to make a fantasy story like you’re exploring a fantasy island or a wild west city. Your inspiration can be where-ever you want it to be.

Shaded Playground

That’s not all the fun at FUNderwood Hollow, close by is a second large playground of a more traditional style with ramps, slides and imaginative games all covered by huge colourful shade sails.

 For the more adventurous, soaring through the air on the Flying Fox or riding the pedal powered mono rail will add a whole new dimension to the day’s exploits.

Lying close by situated between FUNderwood Hollow and the Dog Off Leash Areas you’ll discover the Nature Play Playground. This innovative play area is a place that that encourages kids to explore their everyday surrounds. You’ll be able to climb trees, tackle the obstacle course made of ropes and logs, crawl over and through huge concrete tunnels or pump water and send it streaming into the nearby creek bed.

Dog Off Leash Area

Our furry friends haven’t been forgotten. There are two fenced dog parks, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. Both have plastic doggy bags, bins, seats and water.

FUNderwood Hollow is the place for picnics and BBQ’s. Pack your drinks and picnic goodies or bring along some BBQ treats, there are a number of locations to choose from. Most of the BBQ’s have nearby covered seating with some tucked away in the quieter corners of the Park. One thing that I found and was big plus, most of the picnic areas around Funderwood Hollow all had the playgrounds within eyesight, making it so much safer while keeping an eye on the kids as they enjoyed this wonderful location.

There are many other spaces for picnics scattered around Underwood Park, follow the many walking paths that wind their way past Lagoons, over bridges with shady seats overlooking the Wedding Gazebo with its landscaped surrounds. You’ll stroll through manicured parks stopping to investigate the community gardens and then arrive at the Underwood Park Labyrinth with its centre piece “The Rose Quartz” which represents love, compassion, peace, and healing. 💖💖💖. The choice is yours to make.

This huge green space plus the adventures that can be had at FUNderwood Hollow and the extra attractions at Underwood Park make this a tremendous and very affordable day out for the whole family. With plenty of parking and public toilet facilities, you might plan to visit for just a few hours, but be warned, it will be just so easy to spend the whole day here.

RATING – 👍👍👍👍👍 (5 out of 5 Thumbs Up)