Surprising Insights About W.H. Yeo Park – Victoria Point

WH Yeo Park
W.H. Yeo Park

OK picture this, a beautiful sandy beach with the waters of Moreton Bay lapping on the foreshore, picnic tables, BBQ’s, the kids playing in wonderful playgrounds, walking paths that hug the seashore with uninterrupted views to Moreton island or is it just you relaxing under shady trees with a nice coffee and some tasty treats.

WH Yeo Park Views to Moreton Island
Views Across the Bay to Moreton Island

Only a 50 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, this is a place that you have probably never heard of, it’s certainly not on any glossy tourist brochures, but after reading my Blog, I’m sure that you’ll want to check it out for yourself, so come along and Welcome to W.H. Yeo Park. Your visit starts here.

W.H.Yeo Park Thompson's Beach

This place is huge, surrounded by the vast green expanses of W.H. Yeo Park, with Thompson’s Beach running along it’s foreshore, this is an immensely popular place for families and for those of us that enjoy water sports such as kayaking, fishing, kite surfing and paddle boarding. You could spend hours here just exploring every little nook and cranny on or off the water with so many intriguing surprises at every turn.

W.H.Yeo Park

Parking the car is a breeze with plenty of spots in and around W.H. Yeo Park. The recreation area itself is a huge space with plenty of open grassy areas to kick the footy or set up for a game of “Test” cricket. There are several picnic areas scattered around the Park, some below huge shady trees while others are under well maintained Gazebo’s all within easy walking distance of  several electric BBQ’s. You are spoilt for choice for your own personal space with each spot having the most magnificent water views, what a location for a sausage sizzle or BBQ picnic lunch.

Park Playground
Children’s Playground

Being a family orientated park, the kids are not forgotten. There are two shaded playgrounds, one near the main car park for the younger brigade, which is fully enclosed, with plenty of bench seating for the adults to relax on, while BBQ’s and the toilets are also located close by.

Park Playground


Further along the park we discovered more playground apparatus including slippery slides, swings and climbing equipment, all designed to keep the older kids entertained for hours.

W.H.Yeo Park Exercise  Equipment


If that is not enough to keep you entertained, between the two playgrounds there is a basketball hoop and keeping fit could not be easier with a great selection of workout equipment all available for your use. All this is Free !!!!


Foreshore Walking Paths

Taking a leisurely stroll could not be more pleasurable with the waves gently lapping on the beach and a light northerly breeze blowing across the bay, the main walk which skirts the edge of this green oasis is wedged between the seashore on one side and the activity of the park on the other, all this comes with unsurpassed views across the bay. Keep an ear out, as this is also an extremely popular spot for some of our friendly senior citizens to get out and about on their mobility scooters also enjoying the brilliant sunshine and sea breezes as they motor along the foreshore.

Thompson's Beach
Thompson’s Beach at Low Tide

Unlike a lot of near city beaches, Thompson’s Beach has a long stretch of sand, an ideal spot for sandcastle building or just taking a casual walk along the beach getting the sand between your toes. The water is usually calm with the only waves coming from any motorised watercraft that might be passing by, making this is an ideal spot for young adventurers.

Fishing @ Thompsons Beach

A couple of secluded little spots will offer an ideal position to throw a line in and spend a couple of hours fishing always hoping and dreaming that you to will be able to land your catch of the day. The BBQ’s await.

Kayaking at Thompson's Beach


If you are not land based for your fishing adventures, launch the Kayak and explore several of the off-shore fishing spots. Whiting, Bream and Flathead could all be on the menu if you have a successful day.

Where else can you watch all this craziness, it’s like playing a game of Hide & Go Seek with the local wild life. An unusual sight that you don’t see every day at the beach, if you can plan your day to coincide with an outgoing tide, tons of fun can be had wandering out onto the inter-tidal sand flats and watching hundreds of soldier crabs marching on mass across the beach before burying themselves as you approach not to be seen again until you have passed. Willy Weather can provide you with tide times – Click Here.

W.H. Yeo Park

W.H. Yeo Park is the complete package for an enjoyable day out, this really is a little jewel of a place hidden away in Victoria Point, I am sure the locals would like to keep it a secret, but not any-more. There is plenty of parking, with several disabled car parking spaces and others set aside for parents with prams all close by to the playgrounds. There are no Café’s or takeaways at W.H. Yeo park, but on the way you’ll come across a few small shopping centres all of which will be able to supply you with a coffee and perhaps some forgotten picnic goodies.

🔥 Useful Tips

👉 Free parking available

👉 Swimmers, Hat and Sunscreen

👉 Bring Food, Drinks & Picnic Goodies

👉 A sense of adventure for a day of fun and exploration

👉 Bring Bait, Tackle and Fishing Gear

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