Covering over 16 hectares, Roma Street Parklands can only be described as “Exceptional” as an escape from the usual humdrum of the everyday. In its former days, this area was once Brisbane’s main rail and goods yard having now being transformed into an inner-city green space that provides a place where you can discover the unexpected while enjoying this huge inner-city mega parklands. Leaving no stone unturned, here is all the information that you’ll need to enjoy a fun day discovering the Roma Street Parklands.

Roma Street Parklands

This is why you should put the Roma Street Parklands in your Day Trip diary. You can almost forget trips away, the Parklands will transport you to a place of stunning colour, waterfalls and mysterious lush rain forests. This inner city “Garden of Eden” is the complete package, known by the Locals and many Tourists that have visited Brisbane as a “Must See” destination. Getting lost a couple of times on our journey only added to the enjoyment of the day, after all there is always something new to discover around every corner.

Roma St Parkland
The Hub

We headed straight to “The Hub,” spoke to a super friendly volunteer in the kiosk and sourced all the information and maps that we needed. This is also the place to book a guided walk if that is your preference but today, we are setting off on our own journey.

Start your day with a visit to the Lookout, stunning vistas, with uninterrupted views of the central lake and the city skyline on the horizon.

Cross through the Fern Gully Bridge, here you’ll enter a sub-tropical Rainforest as you ascend to the canopy with towering ferns and the sights and sounds of a luxurious rain forest environment. As you descend to the shaded forest floor, in amongst the masses of thick ferns and plantings any outside city noise is replaced with the sounds of local bird life and cascading water breaking the eerie silence.

Spectacle Garden Walk Thru – Keep an eye out for the local wildlife

Make your way to Colin Campbell Place the stunning Spectacle Garden comes into view. This is always a colourful stop. Seasonally planted all year round with a vibrant array of spectacular blooms and herbs, it really is a place where you can stop and smell the flowers. The walkways will lead onto a small waterfall and trickling brook which is also home to some of Australia’s native fauna. The young at heart can also have some fun here fording the creek using the steppingstones as you cross from one side to the other. Check it out on the video.

Children’s Playground

The Children’s Garden is situated in the upper part of the Parkland, and is an area just made for kids. This is a fun and imaginative place for the youngsters to go crazy, there is no shortage of entertainment, it would be easy to spend hours here. For us older generation, there is seating nearby to rest your weary legs while the younger ones go exploring the rides, slides, tunnels, and rope bridges. 🔥Tip: Clean toilets are also in close proximity.

You just can’t miss the Celebration Lawn. Featuring a magnificent open green space, glorious lawn and water features. What a place to throw down a picnic blanket or listen to some of the entertainment that regularly appears on stage throughout the year. A cascading Water Wall and a number of artwork pieces are also located here and are Free for you to enjoy.

Food and beverages are always a priority when we are organizing a day trip. Besides a number of water fountains that are situated around the Park to top up the drink bottle, The Garden Room café also serves up an excellent choice of breakfast, drinks and Lunch goodies. We have found that the best day out is to bring your own (BYO) edibles, the Roma Street Parklands has some excellent places to organize a picnic.  

Take the walkway near the Waterwall as this will lead you to Frangipani Court. Under huge shade sails, amongst striking gardens and luscious ferns, this spot is a superb place to have a picnic or BBQ. Seating, free BBQ’s, water views and gorgeous walks around the lake, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The Lake

Talking of water, you’ll notice some form of water feature at just about every turn. When you visit, you are never too far away from the sight and sounds of water. It’s hard to miss the large Lake, which is the centrepiece of the Parklands. According to current signage the lake has a volume of 11 million litres and a surface area of 0.6 hectares. The impressive lake Water Fountain is right at home here along with a number of native fish species and the resident ducks. 🔥Tip: Swimming & Diving are not allowed in the lake.

One of my most-loved water features sitting next to the lake behind the Water Wall is the Cascading Streamers. Not only is there a sequence of mini waterfalls creating a cascading mountain stream you will also encounter water shooting sporadically across the pond creating some amazing visual effects.

Getting There: When you’re looking at making tracks to the Roma Street Parklands, there are several convenient transport options available:

  • 🚗 Parking is available in car parks in close proximity to the Parklands and street parking around the venue.
  • 🚌🚆Best and easiest way is to travel by Bus or Train with the stations adjacent to the Roma Street Parklands. 🔥 Tip: Translink (click here) can supply you with all your transport timetables and information. 🔥Tip: Ramps, Elevators and Escalators are available to get you between the different levels.
  •  🚶🚶‍♀️From the Brisbane CBD, it’s an easy 10-15 minute Walk to the entrance of the Parklands.

Now, if you’re organizing your day trip to Roma Street Parklands, you’ll already be prepared for the Children’s Playground, Spectacle Garden, and wonderful Rain Forest walk. You’ll also know that you can meander along the tracks and pathways for kilometres or just sit and take some time out admiring stunning vistas and waterfalls. There are so many options for the family, and adventurers to enjoy. Open 365 days a year, with a year long line up of events, fully wheelchair friendly with easily accessible walking paths, ramps, and bridges throughout, this is a place worth seeing. You will not be disappointed.

Roma Street Parklands Features: Roma Street Parklands – Click here for extra information

  • The Hub information center
  • Free entry
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Plenty of shade and grassy picnic areas
  • Walks, Lookouts & Views
  • Drink fountains and water bottle refill stations
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Café
  • Free BBQs by the lake with undercover tables and chairs
  • Walking paths & Lookouts
  • Toilets are near the café, besides the Lake and scattered throughout the park.
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets and paths

🔥Hot Tip

One of Roma Street Parklands most popular light and sound shows is returning with a season running 25th November to 21st December 2022. Suitable for all ages, this is a show really worth seeing.

The Enchanted Garden – Click here for all your extra information.