2020 What A Year – The Best Of ROAD TRIP’N – In Review

December 2020 Australia What a year 2020 has been in Australia. With record breaking droughts in many parts of the country, we then watched as this dry parched landscape was consumed by some of the fiercest bush fires that have ever been experienced.  Whole towns were under attack. Loss of life, with some native animals … Continue reading 2020 What A Year – The Best Of ROAD TRIP’N – In Review

Newsletter #2 – May 2020

          News Letter #2 - May 2020  Inside This Issue Blog Site Update - New Categories Finding a Road Trip or a Day Adventure is now so much easier Corona Virus Restrictions What's New at ROAD TRIP'N - Seven Days in Auckland, New Zealand Fun Day Trip Within 150kms of Brisbane … Continue reading Newsletter #2 – May 2020

Newsletter – March 2020

Inside This Issue Breaking News We're Celebrating - New Milestone Reached Upcoming Blogs What's New at ROAD TRIP'N 3 Fun Day Trips Corona Virus Do you want to save $$$$ - Money in My Pocket ROAD TRIP’N We’re Celebrating 🎉🎉🎉✨✨ Great news. ROAD TRIP'N continues to grow with another milestone reached with over 7,000 hits … Continue reading Newsletter – March 2020