2020 What A Year – The Best Of ROAD TRIP’N – In Review

December 2020


What a year 2020 has been in Australia. With record breaking droughts in many parts of the country, we then watched as this dry parched landscape was consumed by some of the fiercest bush fires that have ever been experienced.

wpress bushfire  Whole towns were under attack. Loss of life, with some native animals decimated nearly to the point of no return and their habitats burnt beyond recognition. Fire fighters described these apocalyptic conditions as “Hell on Earth” – can you imagine the fight that was before them and what these unbelievably brave people must have gone through with their single-minded drive to prevent destruction of life and property.

Soaring temperatures in the West, driving rains in the North and if you can believe it, at this time of the year, snowfalls in the South as we headed into the summer months, This is Australia.

Corona Virus

Then in amongst all of this, as a nation we were under attack. Not with soldiers, planes and bombs but a previously unknown Virus had landed at our Island paradise and was starting to wreak havoc amongst the population – Corona Virus / COVID-19 was here. It spread with consummate ease, all ages were vulnerable, with the elderly particularly at risk. Night after night it was saddening to hear on the news that unfortunately many people had died from this quiet assassin that new no boundaries or class distinction. State, Federal and Territory Governments scrambled the troops, doctors, front line health workers, testing centres and hospitals were all magnificent in their efforts to neutralize this invader, as they still are today. This virus has not been beaten only subdued, we are all still very mindful until the new Vaccine arrives.

International borders for tourists were closed and as of the end of 2020 still are. The Australian States and Territories closed their doors, and many parts of the country went into severe lock down conditions, nobody in or out. Business shut down; people were out of work as the unemployment rate rose, the Federal Government reacted to keep as many as they could in jobs and keep the economy ticking along with some sense of order. Job Seeker and Job Keeper were introduced, to many this was a lifeline that was eagerly accepted until the recovery begins and some normality returns to our lives.

The Virus is still here but no new mass infections are being reported although Hot Spots in different parts of the country are being discovered. Contact-tracing Programs are enabled, action plans are put into place, we all hope that will help stop the expansion of this disease, as a Nation we long to return to our pre COVID-19 way of life. 🧡🧡🧡💙💙

👍 A big Thumbs Up to all Australians that are an integral part of the solution that when asked to make personal sacrifices for the betterment of their families and country, rallied together as is the Australian way (lockdowns, social distancing, hand sanitizer and masks always at the ready) to produce the end result that we are seeing today.

Jet   There is a light at the end of the tunnel for all travellers in Australia  Backpack

With these travel restrictions in place, lockdowns in many places around the country, this was also a difficult time to be on the road and exploring my favourite part of Australia, South East Queensland. It’s not quite business as usual just yet, international tourism from most countries is still a no no, but with some limitations we are now seeing many internal travel restrictions being lifted and Australians are now looking in their own backyard to spread their wings and explore what the Land Of Oz has to offer.

ROAD TRIP'NAustralia is a stunning country to travel within,  Outback destinations, Ski fields amongst high mountain ranges, Stunning Island atolls scattered amongst the Great Barrier Reef and unique animals and historic locations that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

  Taking advantage with the lifting of restrictions when I could, ROAD TRIP’N was still able to bring you 12 travel blogs discovering some amazing day trips and secret fishing spots all within an easy drive of Brisbane’s CBD in my favourite part of Australia – South East Queensland.

ROAD TRIP'N Categories

If you’re visiting the ROAD TRIP’N blog site it is just so easy to plan your own escapade, click on Recent Posts for the latest and greatest trips or simply go to CATEGORIES, hit the drop-down menu button, choose the type of adventure that excites you and plan away.

As is usually the case I always enjoy my Road Trips and bringing those travel Blogs to you via ROAD TRIP’N. Without exception, there are some trips for one reason or another I get an extra kick out of just a little more than the others. These are some of my favourites – Not in any particular order:-

The Best Of ROAD TRIP’N – 2020

Brisbane to Echuca

What a Road Trip this was !!!!!. A journey that originated in Brisbane and wound its way through the Australian outback. Bush Rangers, Australian History, The King was in the building at the Kings Castle – Elvis Presley tribute, drove a “hot lap” around one of Australia’s most iconic car race tracks and visited wineries, art galleries and museums. There is  so much more to see, Click on the links for all your Ultimate Road Trip information.

Ultimate Road Trip - Week 2
Echuca to Brisbane

Port of Echuca Discovery Centre

Queens Park Ipswich
Queens Park Ipswich

 Close to Brisbane, but a million miles from nowhere. That’s the feeling I got when I discovered this amazing place. A Nature Centre complete with a walk thru rain forest bird aviary, fantastic areas for kids to play and just as exciting most of the activities were FREE. Click on the link for all your visit information:

Fishing @ Thompsons Beach
Fishing @ Thompsons Beach

East of Brisbane, a beautiful park besides the shores of stunning Moreton Bay, another secret fishing spot. Do you want a superb Picnic Spot down by the Bay, maybe throw your catch of the day on the ‘barbi” and cook up a stupendous feast: Click on the links and also check out W H Yeo Park while you are there: 

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