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Have you ever wanted to go for a bushwalk with family and friends but weren’t sure where to go. How long does it take to get there? Are the paths suitable for all ages? Is it safe if I go by myself? Will the kids be entertained? Is there a café nearby and places to picnic?

Yes, there is. Join us at ROAD TRIP’N, we’ll answer all these questions and discover a magnificent natural bushland retreat that is only a stone’s throw from the Brisbane CBD – Bush Walks In The Suburbs – IndigiScapes Centre, Redlands. So various and well-maintained are all the attractions here you’ll soon be asking yourself how all this could be free. This is such a case, bring a picnic basket and a bottle of water at 10am and walk out several hours later having spent a very pleasant time exploring the Australian bushland and native plant gardens.


The Redlands IndigiScapes Centre is situated at 17 Runnymede Road Capalaba. As you drive into Runnymede Rd, there are two entrances on your left: 👉1st entrance will lead to plenty of parking for the Plant Nursery and adjacent to the nursery is the kids adventure playground with BBQ’s, picnic tables and toilets.

Welcome to the IndigiScapes Centre

👉 Continue to the 2nd Entrance (this is the main entrance) and you’ll soon see the welcome sign to the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre. Here, you’ll find a designated parking area and picnic areas with all paths leading to the fantastic Discovery Centre.

Discovery Centre

Situated on 14.5 hectares of peaceful natural bushland the IndigiScapes Centre is Redland’s City Council environmental education centre. IndigiScapes is just not your average walk in the park, offering native botanical gardens, a native plant nursery, bush trails, a fantastic kids playground with BBQ’s and picnic tables and a café serving up the most delicious goodies with a bush tucker slant. 🔥👉 When I visited IndigiScapes, I was advised to avoid any disappointment when visiting the Café, to make a reservation in advance and book before arriving at the Centre. IndigiScapes Café contact information – Phone: 07 38248611 or click on the link – IndigiScapes Café.

The Discovery Centre, the home of interesting regional wildlife displays is the beginning of our bush walk journey. Greeted at the entrance by some of the friendliest Centre staff, we were given the low down on the native botanical gardens and nature trails, even told where to look out for Koalas that had recently been spotted high in the tree canopy. Armed with all this information, it was time to head off and give this place a good look-see. 🔥👉 The Café and Toilets are also found here at the Discovery Centre.

Leaving the Discovery Centre, we are greeted by a myriad of paths and trails all designed to educate us with small information sign posts along our way. Our intrepid band of explorers enjoyed a walk-through of some of Australia’s bushland at its best, seeing a huge array of plants while keeping our eyes peeled for the variety of wildlife living in their natural habitats that all call this special place home.

The 3 main walking trails crisscross Coolynwynpin Creek winding their way through this bushland paradise, are all classified as “easy grade”, and all designed for various ages and fitness levels.

Wildflower Walk: Duration 15 minutes (return)

Trekking along well-formed bush tracks, this walk takes us through many of Australia’s native trees – black she-oak, pink bloodwood and swamp box. As we amble past magnificent scribbly gum trees towering high into the clear blue skies with delicate green ferns scattered along the path borders, there is always the opportunity to take the time to sit awhile and the enjoy the serenity of this amazing bush landscape.

Tallowwood Trail: Duration 20 minutes (return)

This is my favourite place with winding paths snaking there way along creek banks filled with an array of ferns and shrubs, crossing over an impressive wooden bridge all leading to a 400-year-old Tallowwood Eucalypt Tree. Read the story about the local history and why this tree still stands today and was not lot felled in an era when logging was a thriving industry in this area.

Not a sight you see every day in the bush is a large reclining “lounge chair” especially designed and perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the best view of this battle-scarred old-timer. Check it out, this is fantastic spot to take some pics.

Around every corner there is always something new to discover. A small side trail led us to a secluded Lagoon and Bird watching platform. Look into the lake and see how many turtles you can count and what other bird life has settled in for the day.

Fairy Wren Walk: Duration 20 minutes (return). 10 minutes to Lyndon Road.

The Fern Trail Walk is the newest of the trails. This picturesque walk through delicate native ferns along the banks of Coolynwynpin Creek takes about 20 minutes return and connects IndigiScapes out to Lyndon Road.

Botanical Gardens 🌺🌼☘🌾🌺

IndigiScapes is an informative place, not just amazing walking trails and the Discovery Centre, but also an Environmental Centre and spectacular Botanical Gardens. Located between the IndigiScapes Discovery Centre and the Nursery branching off from a very well-maintained pathway are several themed gardens all showcasing different native habitats and greenery. 👉What a great place to get some inspiration and ideas on creating your own themed garden.👀👀

Coastal Garden

Coastal Plants can be full of colour with large flowers of yellow, white and pink. These are the toughest of plants and are suited to just about any garden

Bush Tucker Garden

Australia is a great place for bush tucker. It is always rewarding growing edible plants even if we know it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll cook them, but even if we did need them it’s reassuring to know that we could have it all growing in our backyard.

Wildflower Garden

This garden comes alive in Spring and Autumn putting on a vibrant show of native plants.

Formal Garden

Using native bushland plants a Formal Garden can be achieved by placing plants in different patterns such as triangles and circles or using a mirrored design so that one side looks the same as the other.

Wildlife Garden

A garden planted with local native trees, shrubs and groundcovers all designed to attract to attract wildlife to the area.

Wetland Garden

Always something happening in a Wetland Garden. Bursting with life, keep your eyes peeled for what just might be around the next corner.Rainforest Garden 

Rainforest Garden

Cooling to the senses and a great place to take a break in one of the many colourful huts scattered along the forest walk.

IndigiScapes Nursery

You’ve seen, You’ve conquered, and we’ve saved the best to last. As you emerge from your exploration of the wonders of this bush paradise you might ask – “How can I create some of this in my own backyard?” Help is on hand. The IndigiScapes Native Nursery has a huge array of plants and ground covers available for purchase with expert advice from the nursery staff so you too can create your own natural oasis in the suburbs.

Redlands IndigiScapes is a much-loved native botanical garden and bush walk, a hidden gem tucked away in the Moreton Bay suburbs.  A visit to this area gives you the opportunity to see wildlife and the Australian Bush in its natural habitat. As I have previously mentioned, there are also many other ideas on offer when you visit:   👉 Activities and Resources 👉 👉Community Talks 👉 Environmental School Programmes 👉 Youth and Community Education 👉 Playground 👉 Gift Shop 👉 Book a Group Tour. If you want to check out this place before you go, I have included a link – Redlands IndigiScapes Centre (click here) for all you extra visit information.

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