Newsletter #2 – May 2020



        News Letter #2 – May 2020 

Inside This Issue

  • Blog Site Update – New Categories
  • Finding a Road Trip or a Day Adventure is now so much easier
  • Corona Virus Restrictions
  • What’s New at ROAD TRIP’N – Seven Days in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Fun Day Trip Within 150kms of Brisbane

                   BLOG SITE UPDATE!!!!!!!


It is now even easier to navigate around my Blog site to help you organise your own ROAD TRIP’N day out. I have added 5 new locations to Categories

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All the great road trips and day escapades are now all together in one place. Are you an adventure seeker, do you want some ideas to be able to plan and organise your own travels in my own backyard. Go exploring here – ROAD TRIP’N, my posts will be able to help you out with loads of ideas and additional information and all this is at your fingertips just a click away.

New Categories

  1. See Australia
  2. See Brisbane
  3. See South East Queensland
  4. See The Gold Coast
  5. See The Sunshine Coast 

Breaking News Corona Virus – 16.05.2020

Some travel restrictions have been lifted in Queensland along with other States and Territories. This is fantastic news and what a time it is to plan and head out for day excursions and of course to grab a road trip coffee.

ROAD TRIP’N can help you organise your special day with plenty of mini breaks and outings to choose from. Click on the web site, choose your destination and your all set to go.

7 Days in New Zealand – Welcome To Auckland

Before Corona Virus, before international travel bans we managed to holiday in New Zealand with Auckland being our base for seven unforgettable days. What a first-rate mini break this was, it is easy to see why Auckland has been voted in the past as one of the most livable cities in the world.

With the talk between the Australian and New Zealand Governments about a “Travel Bubble” allowing international journeys between the two countries, this is one destination that could be worth some consideration. North or South Island or both, Beautiful!!!!

My post with all this exciting information will soon be up on the Blog site. If you want to be one of the first to see this Blog (hit the follow button or enter your email address and then Follow) or to catch up with some other great destinations head to the site, follow the promps, choose you trip and your away.

Fun Day Trip Within 150kms of Brisbane

Ultimate Guide To Brisbane's Lookouts

You don’t have to travel to far to enjoy this scenic day out in and around Brisbane. Breathtaking scenery, walks, cafes and coffee. 👀🚶‍♂️☕🧁🤗. Check it out:

The Ultimate Guide to Brisbane’s Lookouts 

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