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How to Protect Yourself and Others

!!!!! In Australia Covid-19 as severely impacted on many outdoor activities, visiting attractions, cafes, friends and relatives. We have all been asked to self-isolate as well as practice high hygiene levels in order to restrict this virus from spreading. Many places, cafes, restaurants etc, are closed and public transport very limited. I would advise that if you are planning any form of excursion in the current circumstances that you check all current health warnings, event closures and transport options before venturing out !!!!!

The Corona Virus. What an impact Covid-19 is having on everyday life and the way we like to work and live. Are you self-isolating at home while continuing to keep yourself busy with different projects, entertaining and educating the kids or watching the odd TV show or two, you’re not alone there’s many of us all in the same boat.

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While self-isolating, what an ideal opportunity this is to plan and organise some day trips, to once again be able to get out and go exploring in this fantastic area of South East Queensland. For some of us money could be a little tight to fund a full on expensive adventure, so I have put together some Day Trips that are tons of fun and require little out of pocket expenses.

If you’re a Visitor to Brisbane and our beautiful region, you can also plan your day in the great outdoors by taking advantage of the details in these blogs, all the information is there. Many journeys and trips are Free EG; Exploring Southbank, CityHopper, Captain Burke Park stretching your tourist 💲💲💲💲💲 further putting more money back in your pocket.


A visit to the Capital City of Queensland – Brisbane is a must as this is the launching pad for many adventures. Getting to, from and around Brisbane is very easy with several transport options. Brisbane’s fully integrated public transport system including Road, Rail and River options offers a very cost effective way of getting around the South East corner. Translink has all the particulars you need. Visit the Translink web site for more information.

👀 What I have discovered. One of the best ways to see Brisbane is from the river and it makes the day even better if some of the travel is Free. Brisbane City Council operates an inner city ferry service for both locals and tourists alike. Chugging along the Brisbane River at a very leisurely pace completing a round trip from North Quay to Sydney Street New Farm and back, you can hop on and hop off the CityHopper at eight terminals each stop leading to its own on-shore adventure. This service is Free.

The service runs every 36 minutes between 6am and midnight, seven days a week. 🔥 Tip: Try and avoid this service during peak times as it is very popular with locals heading to and from work.

CityHopper Terminals

Ferry Terminal Stops

👉 North Quay, Brisbane

👉 South Bank 3, South Brisbane: Visit the Southbank website

👉 Maritime Museum, South Brisbane: Visit the Maritime Museum Website

👉 Thornton St, Kangaroo Point 👉 Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane City👉 Holman Street, Kangaroo Point 👉 Dockside, Kangaroo Point

New Farm Park

👉 Sydney Street, New Farm: Hop off and take a 17 minute/1.3km walk to nearby New Farm Park and while there explore the Powerhouse Museum next door. In New Farm Park there’s a huge playground to investigate, take a walk amongst the rose bushes with plenty of parkland to throw a Frisbee or picnic under the magnificent shady trees. Take a look at the Powerhouse Museum, there’s so much to see and do here with a great selection of food and beverages available from the café.

I just luv museums. When visiting a new place, I always stop by the local museums. I can forage around their corridors and exhibits for hours just checking out all the history and special moments, it gives you a sense of belonging to a by-gone era and enlightens you of how things used to be.

Today, I’ll be kicking off with a visit to the Museum of Brisbane situated at Brisbane City Hall next to King George Square in the CBD. General admission is free. Here, you can also book an elevator ride to the top of the Clock Tower and a Free guided tour of City Hall with several places to grab a coffee and some snacks. Museum of Brisbane – Brisbane City Hall (visit the ROAD TRIP’N blog site here)

Strolling through Brisbane streets we’ll detour via the vibrant Queen Street Mall a shopping and lifestyle precinct with an unrivalled mix of over 700 stores as we head to the North Quay ferry terminal where the CityHopper awaits to whisk us away on our journey of river exploration. With awesome views of the City from the river as our backdrop, you are the Master of the ship docking at exotic ports all full of hidden treasures and iconic watering holes.

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We’ll be hopping off at our next stop; The Holman Street Ferry Terminal – Kangaroo Point. What lies before us is Captain Burke Park, one of the most beautiful inner city parks that you just need to spend some time visiting. There is a magnificent playground for the kids, walking paths that wind around alongside the Brisbane river and where else can you stand close to and admire the majestic Story Bridge, one of Brisbane most iconic landmarks. Time your visit for when there is Brisbane River low tide and you’ll also be able to walk on a white sandy beach; I’m not kidding there’s a beach right next to the river. Willy Weather (click here for tide times and weather conditions)

Take an easy wander up the road from Captain Burke Park and lunch with a cold beverage of your choice at the quintessential Story Bridge Hotel. Click on the blog site for all the information you need. Captain Burke Park – Day Trip (visit the ROAD TRIP’N blog site here)

This is just one idea for a fantastic day out. You can hop off and hop on the CityHopper as many times as you like and remember that your travel is always Free. Mix and match some of the other locations along this watery route. Start at Southbank, next stop the Maritime Museum, back on and then off again at the Eagle Street Pier, you can devise your own excursion, there are so many combinations your certainly not stuck for choice.

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