THEY DID IT – NASA A Human Adventure

NASA A Human Adventure

“THEY DID IT” and so did ROAD TRIP’N. Come along all you space adventurers and dreamers as we plan a day trip to the Queensland Museum and land at the NASA – A Human Adventure exhibition. If you or any friends are interested in space and science, then this is the place to be.

NASA – A Human Adventure is a remarkable journey through the exploration of space. Featuring a huge collection of historic artefacts form the United States and Soviet Union, the exhibit is so large it spreads itself over the 3rd floor and then to an extension on the second floor. There are just so many original space exhibits, replicas and artefacts on display.

You first enter another world where to get to read about all the dreaming and fantasies that surrounded an adventure to the moon. There is plenty of memorabilia on display alongside real–life artefacts, rocket ship parts and a huge amount of information about what makes a rocket ship work and what went into sending mankind into space. Can you imagine what it must have been like when the large parachute deploys slowly returning your module to earth.

It is amazing to stand in the rooms next to these displays where you get an appreciation of the sheer size and scale of some of the objects.  There are real rocket engines and a large-scale model of the Saturn V moon rocket and the question that everyone asks – What do astronauts eat? the answer is well worth the price of admission.

You can peek back in time to see how they survived, what was worn and how it was done back then, comparing it to the most up to date and modern technology that we have today. Not only were these pioneers but truly very brave men and women.

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