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2018 In Review

ROAD TRIP’N, what a year 2018 has been. The last 12 months have been incredible. The ROAD TRIP’N blog site has had over 4,300 hits, we launched our new Logo and after a lot of soul-searching and design changes our Business cards were delivered. ♥♦♦♦

We have continued our road trips, travelled far and near, visited Flower Carnivals (click here) that will give you Goosebumps as your senses go into overload as you behold the visions of beauty that are before you.

We’ve visited quirky Australian outback towns (click here) with characters and scenery that you are unlikely to see in any other place. Met the locals and heard the stories they told, some will melt your heart as you hear how it was and is today.

We’ve discovered some hidden treasures amongst the tall trees and exotic gardens, breathed in the fresh mountain air as we  escaped Brisbane and wandered through Picnic Point. A Park (click here) that is perched high on the peak of a mountain Range with views that go on forever, you feel you can touch the sky. We visited a cafe which is a great place to grab your next coffee and a children’s playground where the kids can go crazy while playing and exploring.

The car was left in the garage as we’ve travelled by bus and train to explore exquisite Botanical Gardens (click here).

And A

Quaint Village – Sandgate (click here) down by the bay all chock full of local history. We also checked out the coffee shops and one of the local pubs for a “coldie” with lunch with unsurpassed views of Moreton Bay and only 45 minutes from Brisbane.

Car shows (click here) all showcasing many years of motoring with glimpses of the future were all here for us the savour.

Dubs on the Hill       A road trip to Toowoomba and to one of my favourite parks, Picnic Point, we were able to see all things VW with the aptly named car show – Dubs on the Hill (click here).

It was only a short drive west of Brisbane where we found this whole new world to enjoy. Queens Park – Ipswich (click here), a Park with a cafe where you can sit under cool wide-open verandas serving the most delicious food and the best coffee while admiring the park and city views. A place of tranquillity walking through the Japanese gardens, then entering natures world as we followed the winding paths through the reserve, introducing ourselves to some of Australia’s cutest (and not so cute) native animals.  Exploring the adventure playground was high on the agends for the kids with BBQ’s and under cover tables situated right next to the play area. What a bonus, except for the cafe this park was totally Free.♦♦♦♦

We got back to nature where we explored a Koala Sanctuary and Conservation Park (click here) and met the local inhabitants, stoked up the fire and boiled to billy for a hot “cuppa”. The discovery of a beautiful Lake (click here) just next door just topped off an excellent day.

Do you like to explore and discover The Who, When & Why. We do, and this was high on our list of “Must Do’s” in 2018. The Brisbane Museum (click here) located in Brisbane’s CBD, and one of the best regional museums The Redland Museum (click here) more than filled our inquisitive desire for local history and knowledge.

Can we guess that you want to read more and plan your own road trip. There were many more fantastic road / day trips and places ROAD TRIP’N went a venturing to. You can catch up for a good read with all the information you need to plan a fantastic road trip day out by visiting my Blog site – www.roadtripn.blog

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Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas from ROAD TRIP’N