Redland Museum (Day Trip)

Just thirty-five minutes south of Brisbane heading towards the beautiful suburbs that surround magnificent Moreton Bay, there is no better way of discovering the who, what and why of a region than checking out the local museum or pioneer village. Today we have discovered a beauty as we take a trip back in history exploring the Redland Museum.   

Situated in Smith Street Cleveland, the Redland Museum is a place where you can see, smell and touch the rich history of the Redlands district from the mid 1800’s to the present day. An interactive museum that will transport you back to yesteryear with thousands of magnificent artefacts and stories to tell, all on display in a very big undercover all-weather showroom.

Taking a self-guided tour, armed with “mud maps” and lots of other informative information from the very friendly staff at the front entrance desk, you will learn of the ingenuity of the early pioneers as we wander through the marine, military, music, printery and textile displays.

We’ve opened the time capsule of the Redland’s, so let’s go, as we head into the museum on this fascinating journey through time and history. The treasures that are on display showcase the know-how and the hard work of the early pioneers as you immerse yourself in all this early history of the Redlands.

This is not just a museum where it’s “look but don’t touch” because in some of the displays you can explore with a hands-on experience. You’ll love to “drive” the motor rail and the Australian Toy Hall of Fame are just the place. Become the driver, collect some tickets in the carriage and let your imagination run wild.

Check out early transportation with the Cobb & Co coach and nearby sulky, head over to the Garage where the “early model vehicles” and “mighty Morrie” (Morris Minor car) are parked up next to the vintage motor cycle just waiting to be filled up.

Bullock Team Hauling Timber

Early bullock drays are on display and the history that surrounds their use and the important part that they played in the development of the Redlands area is all here for you the absorb as you stroll from one era to the next.

Redland Zither Project

The interactive sound sculpture (Zither Project) created by a local musician and visual artist who created his masterpiece from a single piece of cyprus pine from Macleay Island will keep you entertained with the sounds from this hands-on exhibit.

Take some time out in the Australian Toy Hall of Fame where there are no electric games in site and you can play with the kids (or grand kids) and have a ball with some of the toys on display all the while surrounded by other toys of a by-gone era. This display is designed to commemorate all those toys that have been close to Australian kids’ hearts throughout history. On display are toys like Lego, sling shots, toy cars, teddy bears and an interactive children’s play area. This experience will be a definite talking point with fond memories for some and for others it will be an education of what it used to be like as a child in those early days.

Textiles & Fashion

Right next door we enter another world as we enter the Textile and Doll display. It’s amazing that all this exists and it’s all right here for you to see. There is still so much more to see and do.

 Leaving these displays and walking up a small flight of stairs (an access ramp is also available) the Printery comes into view and will show you on how the paper was published. You’ll learn how the Redlands contributed to the war effort and how a Colonial bred horse by the breed name of “Waler” was an integral part of that effort. Display after display will tell their story of the history of this amazing area.

Surrounding the displays is a complete street scape of history where each alcove has its own unique story to tell. We stopped by Despot’s corner store (milk in bottles here), walked into the Electric & Radio shack where you can marvel at yesteryears electronic gismo’s and admire the antique furniture and accessories in the fine dining area situated nearby. Want to go dancing, relive that magical age post World War Two with the Redlands Rhythmics display. Seriously, there is just so much nostalgia and history to see.

The Redland Museum (click here for further information) focuses on the rich history of the area since establishment telling the story on how it was done and reliving the experiences of the early local pioneers and current day adventurers all of whom made it what it is today. Below you’ll find some useful information (click on the links) so you too can also plan and enjoy a ROAD TRIP’N day in the Redlands.

  1. Extra Information: Parking – There is ample on and off street available.
  2. Redlands Tourist Information (click here)
  3. Other transport: If you are travelling by bus or train & bus check out the Translink time tables (click here)
  4. Toilets: Clean toilets are situated inside the building.
  5. BYO drinks and picnic goodies.
  6. Cafes, restaurants, pubs and take aways are all situated in nearby Cleveland.

Safe travels